15 & 16 June 2019
The 36th medieval festival of Provins!

Celebrations and Festivities

After the huge success of the 2018 edition on the theme “Humans and Beasts” we invite you to the next
festival on 15 and 16 June 2019! We will celebrate the 36th medieval festival with the promising theme
“Celebrations and Festivities”!
Discover minstrels, craftsmen, entertainers, games, jousts, legends, and street theatre…

In the meantime, check out the gallery of the 2018 edition! To learn more, keep in touch on facebook!

Highlights of the Festival

10:00 a.m. Opening of the festival
11:30 a.m. Official inauguration of Les Médiévales de Provins
8:00 p.m. Medieval ball
10:00 p.m. Huge concert of medieval music
10:00 a.m. Opening of the festival
3:30 p.m. Costume parade
10:00 p.m. Final presentation of the performers, end of the festival
Schedules subject to modifications

Special Event

For its 35th anniversary,
Les Médiévales de Provins will give

for the concerts program in the
Saint-Quiriace Collegiate Church.

Festival pictures

  • Visiteur-©G-FAY
  • visiteur-©C-Garrabet
  • Visiteur-©C-Garrabet-(2)
  • via-cane-defile-©JF-Leroux
  • Via-Cane-©G-FAY
  • vannerie-©JF-Leroux
  • Tergwen-de-rivallon-©C-Garrabet
  • tan-elleil-©JF-Leroux
  • sembadelle-©JF-Leroux
  • Sembadelle-©C-Garrabet
  • sambadellle-milice-©G-FAY
  • R-mon-temps-©C-Garrabet
  • portes-de-lhistoire-©JF-Benard-(2)
  • petite-flambe-©G-FAY-(2)
  • petit-garcon-©JF-Leroux
  • musiciens-©JF-Leroux
  • Miss-S&M-©C-Hautecoeur
  • Mesnie-Lug-©C-Garrabet
  • Luc-arbogast-©C-Lagneau
  • Luc-Arbogast-©C-Garrabet-(1)
  • Les-Pies-©G-FAY
  • leproserie-©JF-Leroux
  • la-petite-flambe-©JF-Leroux
  • l-envolante-G-FAY
  • l-envolante-©JF-Leroux
  • l-envolante-©C-Garrabet
  • kervan-©JF-Leroux
  • jeux-clery-©-JF-Benard
  • jdf-cie-mandalas-1
  • ferme-du-chaineau-©-JF-Benard
  • ferme-©C-Hautecoeur
  • entre-chien-et-jeu-©C-Lagneau
  • dog-trainer-defile-©JF-Leroux
  • Dog-trainer-©G-FAY
  • desmodium-©JF-Leroux
  • Desmodium-©C-Lagneau
  • desmodium-©-JF-Benard-(2)
  • desmodium-©-JF-Benard-(1)
  • defile-insolite-©JF-Leroux
  • Defile-©C-Garrabet
  • defile-©-JF-Benard-(2)
  • Danceries-Thibault-©C-Garrabet
  • danceries-de-thibaud-de-champagne-©JF-Leroux
  • collégiale-©G-FAY
  • cie-du-polisson-©JF-Leroux
  • Chevre-©C-Garrabet
  • Cellestiaes-©G-FAY
  • Celestiaes-©C-Garrabet
  • carite-de-guingamor-defile-©JF-Leroux
  • carité-de-guingamor-©P-Varin
  • Campments-©C-Garrabet-(2)
  • Campments-©C-Garrabet-(1)
  • Campements-©C-Garrabet
  • campements-©-JF-Benard-(2)
  • campement-©JF-Leroux
  • calligraphie-©-JF-Benard
  • belli-mercator-defile-©JF-Leroux
  • Beli-mercator-©C-Garrabet
  • bal-carité-de-guingamor-©P-Varin
  • Bal-©C-Garrabet
  • artisans-©JF-Leroux
  • al-cantara-©JF-Leroux
  • Al-Cantara-©G-FAY
  • ©C-Garrabet

Practical information

F.A.Q. PDF - Provins
Festival Guide 2018 PDF - Provins Web - Provins
Animations Map 2018 PDF - Provins
Access Maps Parking Lots - Shuttles PDF - Provins

2019 program coming soon!


By car

By the motorway A4 (Paris – Metz/Strasbourg) : exit n°13 Serris-Provins, then D231.
By the motorwayA5 (Paris – Troyes) : exit n° 16 : Châtillon-la-Borde (D408), then D619.
N4 : exit Provins

By bus

At Chessy, take the Seine-et-Marne Express bus line no.13. Departure every from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. in both directions on Saturday and Sunday.
All schedules line scan be found on www.seine-et-marne.fr


Line A to Chessy-Marne La Vallée, then change to the Seine et Marne Express bus, line 50. Departure every half an hour from 6:00 to 21:00 p.m., in both directions on Saturday and Sunday.
Line D to Melun, then change to the Seine et Marne Express bus, line 47. Departure every half an hour from 6:00 a.m to 21:00, in both directions, only on Saturday.
All schedules on www.transilien.com

By train

Departure from Paris-gare de l’Est (line P) SNCF/RATP 6 zones card : Navigo, Mobilis… Timetable available on www.transilien.com

By shuttle / parking

Parking: Free. Many car parks are available around Provins. Free shuttles will run between the various parking lots and the festival site, continuously from 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday, and from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. To return to the parking lots, you can take the shuttle from two places: Porte de Jouy or Avenue du Général de Gaulle, near the Tourist Office. To assist to the “ Sound and Light show ” on Saturday: at the festival site, take a special shuttle “ Son et Lumière ” at Porte de Jouy running from 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. At the end of the show, a shuttle will take you back and serve all parking lots on demand.

For campers

The camper parking near Provins Tourisme (Tourist Office) is exceptionally closed for the festival. A free parking for campers will be at your disposition from Thursday until the end of the festival. There will be roadsigns to guide you from the Tourist Office for the access.

Online booking
Rates are indicative and subject to modification

(The day of the festival)

1 day :11 €
2 days : 15 €

For people in medieval costume :

1 day : 5 €
2 days : 6 €

Children under 12


Persons with disabilities (+ 1 adult)


Group rate

9 € for 1 day for groups of 20 people and by reservation at Provins Tourisme (Tourist Office) on +33(0) 1 64 60 26 25 or sejour@provins.net


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Provins and its surroundings
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Phone. +33(0)1 64 00 39 39


Group reservations
for 20 or more

Provins Tourisme – Group Service
Phone. +33(0)1 64 60 26 25

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